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CHASSEUR issue #11 (A/W 2015) "Yours Was The Body"

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Winters can be bitter cold and dreary but they can also create many great opportunities for escapism that in turn can offer a much-needed ground for personal reflection. Most of the thoughts produced during such times, fleet away as soon as they come to mind but there are others, more persistent that can gnaw at your very soul until you finally decide to confront them. The age-long argument of Living versus Existing is one of them and in the pages that follow we make an attempt to examine a new side of it, one linked to the uprising of Social Media and all the various ways in which these can affect one’s self identity or even success in life.

To make things more fun, we’ve turned our entire second print issue into a social networking platform, where status updates can be seen throughout in the form of short text in quotation marks. To help us with this experiment we’ve teamed up with several influential cultural anarchists from the fashion, art and music fields and asked them to share their personal stories of love, struggle, triumph and coming of age in an ever-demanding digital era, in the form of highly inspirational words and visuals.

Log in. Read. Get inspired and inspire.


CHASSEUR issue #11 (A/W 2015) includes 100 pages featuring:

- exclusive interviews with Grace Neutral, Candy Ken, Matthew Miller, Christian Cowan SanLuis, Maisie Cousins, Evelyn Bencicova, Fleet Ilya and Colby Jones.

- exclusive editorial works shot in London, Tokyo, Athens and Milan by Ryosuke Maezawa, Yiorgos Mavropoulos, Lorenzo Marcucci, Yannis Tzannis, Mikko Puttonen, Chairit Prapai, Tom Wawnik and Vic Lentaigne.

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